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“Rarely is their just one Aspen tree. ... Aspens grow as a community; they are interconnected by their roots and share nutrients and resources to support each other. ... Aspen trees provide a calming beauty while healing cuts and pains and restoring others outside their bonded community.” - Anonymous

In the often times, isolating, detached, frenetic American world, the term “community” can be minimized or discarded. I believe in the natural need for attachment, community engagement, maturational development and healthy support and care from the collective members of our families, neighbors and providers. Just as the aspen grove, with its deep and intertwining roots, ensures nurturance, growth and resilience for the collective whole, I endeavor to offer the same. My range of varied services are grounded in an unshakeable philosophy that we are strongest together. I am engaged as a parent and community member in the Flathead in offering supportive care in conjunction with teachers, physicians, clergy and specialists utilizing a comprehensive, wrap around, team-based approach. Most importantly, I am engaged with you as the enduring and interconnected families, parents, couples, children and adults seeking the nurturing support of our grove. 

My doctoral training and education in Clinical Psychology laid the foundational knowledge and theoretical understanding of the development and maturation of the human identity, the interconnectedness and attachment in bonding as a couple, with children and as a family system, and the pursuit of self-actualization of the individual through the lifespan. The complex integration and impact of nature and biology with nurture and relational experience.  Over the decades of my professional experience, I have become expert at recognizing our common human struggles, our defenses and vulnerabilities, our great strengths and resiliency, our complicated relational dynamics and the way forward to our highest ceiling.  It is only my recognition of the struggles in you, similar to me, that I can be so bold as to suggest that I can understand and help.  All of our struggles lie on the same human continuum.

I have a distinctly relational, genuine, direct, systemic and developmental perspective on therapeutic work.  I strive for a trusted, intimate and non-judgmental approach to sitting with others in need.  I will work collaboratively to understand the origins and causation of problems below the symptom surface.  Common symptoms of anxiety, depression, insecurity and low self-esteem, relationship and marital struggles, parenting skill challenges, attachment and adoption concerns, social skill deficits, mood volatility, trauma, abuse and neglect, gender and sexuality concerns, oppositionality, apathy, avoidance and withdrawal, dependency, substance abuse, impulsivity, inattention, functional impairment at home, school and work, digital media and screen over-use, and acting out behavior. 

These symptoms and many others are often red flags to more unique aspects of one’s life experiences, history, relationships and biology that are at the root.  In the building of a trusted relationship we will endeavor to create meaning from experience, forming a tightly woven life narrative that expands one’s vision of our self and others.  We will generate a solid repertoire of skills and resiliency connected to clear objectives and goals to use outside of the consultation office where the rubber meets the road – in real life.

I appreciate the privilege of serving you.

Dr. Tim Corson

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